Bespoke Spreadsheets

Love them or hate them – spreadsheets can be a powerful business tool.

you're probably not using spreadsheets to their full potential_

Software like Microsoft Excel and Open Office make it easy for anyone to create spreadsheets to store all sorts of data. However, for that very reason, they can quickly become inefficient and hard to manage. Using advanced functionality and formulas though, we can help you to take control of spreadsheets and make full use of the data they hold.

Advanced Features_

When it comes to spreadsheets, there's a lot more than meets the eye. A lot is possible if you know how, and here are just a few ways we can take your spreadsheet to the next level.


Automate repetitive tasks within your spreadsheets and do processes that involve multiple steps and complex calculations.

Complex Formulas

Forget formulas like SUM and AVG, we have a great understanding of more advanced formulas that are available, including conditional ones.

Intuitive Design

It's not all in the technical detail, we can use our experience to layout spreadsheets in a way that makes them easy to use and efficient.

here's what we bring to the table_

better insights

increase in sales

quicker and easier operation

more features

combine multiple spreadsheets

It has been amazing to work with Andy. My website is up and running, it’s amazing. He’s done a brilliant job. I would highly recommend Andy to anyone.

Linda Sawyer Card For All Occasions

Great to work with Andy, very helpful and goes above and beyond in all aspects of the project!

Stefan Christie Weavabel

Wow! Fixed my issues really quickly and also helped with other software to make the custom software work. Andy fixed it for under £2k by actually LISTENING to what we needed and fixing what the actual problem was, easily and speedily saving us thousands!

Joe Smedley Red Herring Games

Andy has been a joy to work with. I would certainly recommend him to any one who is looking to update or improve their online presence just as we have.

Julie Varley Physio-Works

Amazing service, yet again from Andy. He really does go above and beyond to support clients. Thank you.

Sue Fortune Lincolnshire Community Foundation

We asked for what we thought was an impossible task, with no time in which to do it, just days before Christmas! Andy has amazed us, he is calm under pressure, reassuringly focused, and very determined when presented with a challenge!

Sonia Parsons A16 Road N Race Supplies

Andy is professional, kind and has a huge amount of patience with those of us with just enough tech knowledge to do a considerable amount of damage.

Karen Kennedy Achtis Group

Lyke Limited have just finished Quickboxes new website and Andy has been brilliant every step of the way! I would DEFINITELY recommend Lyke as the right company to go to for your next website project. Thank you Andy!

Gregg Sellars Quickbox Manufacturing Ltd.

Andy, from Lyke, understands his product inside out! It is rare to find someone with such tremendous ability to code and program while still understanding the requirements at a commercial level. A progressive and rapidly growing company that I have no hesitancy to recommend!

Murray Sellars Holmegarth Limited

Lyke, have been absolutely fabulous with our company. Excellent customer service with a professional work ethic and knowledge of what can be done. highly recommend.

Andy Thornton Pivotal Skills Ltd

The Equality Practice has had the pleasure of working with Andy Green at Lyke for over 5 years now. He has always delivered to the highest standard, been helpful and supportive and is always keen to share and signpost when necessary. When ever we are in need of techi bits, we think of him first! We highly recommend Andy and his team.

Jill Wilson The Equality Practice

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