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August 26 2021
Josh Beasley Josh Beasley

Is the cost-saving really worth the trouble?

Storing data on Excel spreadsheets is a cheap way of running your business. While cutting some corners on cost can be efficient, investing in a more secure bespoke software is better in the long run. One of the security issues involved with using Excel is that the changes made to the spreadsheet are not tracked. This means that effectively anyone that gains access to the system can change any amount of figures without consequence. You will need to spot these changes ASAP before they start snowballing other figures the wrong way. If someone with ill intentions gained access, they would be able to do possibly irreparable damage to your data.

Finding it difficult to manage your spreadsheet?

You may want to track who is doing what inside the business. If a team has control over different areas of the spreadsheet, you want to ensure everyone is working. When working with spreadsheets, you may need to work on different versions and then merge them which can be a pain without changes being tracked. With bespoke software, everyone can work on the same database at the same time and can use it on any computer.

Why you should use bespoke software:

  1. The bespoke system is written specifically for one business.
  2. You are in control. of what is added and what you believe doesn’t need to be in.
  3. If you invest in bespoke software, you will have made a jump forwards and this will give you a competitive advantage.
  4. You will have complete control over the solution, including any security. Many off-the-shelf will have similar flaws whereas your own solution will have its own security features.
  5. With task automation, you will be saving employees hours of their workweek every week.

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