Stop drowning in reviews for apps!

November 17 2021
Josh Beasley Josh Beasley
  1. They are products made as general solutions which may not solve all your problems.
  2. Working off the point above, you may need to buy several products to fix your problems.
  3. As you’re buying many different software packages, you will be paying for software you don’t need.
  4. You won’t be gaining any competitive advantage with software that any company can go and buy.
  5. While off-the-shelf may seem cost-effective, there may be charges hidden behind the initial fees. These may come as potential upgrades not included in the standard package.

Problem Solving

As every business is different, the problems that they need solving can be niche. These off-the-shelf products are made to solve simple problems that many businesses may have. If you have a niche problem, you shouldn’t try and find a general solution. You should go bespoke, and then you can discuss the problems as the solution is being made.

Business Specificity

If you buy an off-the-shelf product and you need a few different problems that need fixing, you may find yourself purchasing multiple packages. This is because they are created before you tried to buy it, and it isn’t specific to your business or problem.

Cost Ineffective

These packages that the business will buy will contain many features that you don’t need and won’t use for your business. But this is something you have to accept, as they will be tied in and unremovable. You can upgrade the packages to add more features, but these may be mixed with features that are not needed. 

Competitive Advantage

If you are buying software to get above your competitors, you’re going about it the wrong way with off-the-shelf software. If a competitor sees that this software is working well for you, nothing is stopping them from buying it too. With bespoke software, this can be hard to replicate as this system is made specifically for your business and is one of a kind.

Hidden Costs

The initial cost for off-the-shelf software may be cheap but may not include all the features you require. These upgrades can be costly for a business and a subscription might also be required. With bespoke software, you can have the features tailored precisely how you want them with no need for additional features. 

Why app reviews may not be as important as you think…

When looking to invest in an off-the-shelf software package you may think to look at reviews. I mean it makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? Why not look at what other businesses thought of the product. However, what you need to keep in mind is that just because it worked for one business, doesn’t mean it will work for yours. Do not see five stars on a product and then think that it must be perfect. Some of the features in the package may not even be applicable in your business.

These reviews are not written specifically for your business, therefore they have to be taken with a grain of salt. You will have to do your own research into the software to know that the features fit into your business.

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