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December 3 2019
Andy Green Andy Green

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At its core, the foundation sets out to support groups within the Lincolnshire region to create positive outcomes for people and places. They achieve this by focusing on three main areas which are: grant-giving/management, forming partnerships and offering development services. LCF was founded in 2002 and since then has been responsible for big changes, both in the way the foundation operates and by supporting groups.

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When Lincolnshire Community Foundation reached out to us their website was a little dated. Built using Wix by the organisation’s founder, the content and layout were in need of a refresh. The trustees recognised this, along with the fact it was difficult to find relevant information and the website wasn’t mobile-friendly – something that is imperative with mobile usage now significantly overtaking desktop usage.

LCF wanted a brand new website to reflect their approach as an organisation and show people how forward-thinking they are. The new website would coincide with a new logo and branding too.

Most important to the foundation though was that the website showed the progression of LCF and the true impact they have made – not just in numbers, but in change.

How we helped

Lincolnshire Community Foundation now has a bespoke website that fits seamlessly with their new brand and allows them to add/change content themselves, enabling their website to remain up to date at all times. We designed a fully responsive and mobile-friendly theme for WordPress that implements some less common design principles, making it stand out from the average website.

The website may be built on WordPress but by no means does it use only standard features. In order to achieve some of the features on, we created a handful of plugins and widgets specifically for the website. You’ll see the website includes a responsive timeline, layers of information, sliders, links to Campaign Monitor and Instagram, and even accessibility features.

Thanks to our super-fast hosting the website not only looks the part but also loads quickly and delivers the information people need in seconds. Combined with the other SEO techniques we have implemented, this helps the website to rank highly in search results.

All in all: the Foundation’s new website helps them connect and interact with new people, raise more funds and makes it easier for local groups to apply for funding.

About Andy Green

Andy is the founder of Lyke and is passionate about the potential of coding. As an entrepreneur himself, he is constantly on the lookout for opportunities and ways to help other businesses succeed.

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