Is A Perfect Solution Even Possible For My Business?

October 15 2021
Josh Beasley Josh Beasley


Probably not. These software packages tend to be created to fix the most general issues based on the problem. Not the business. They won’t be made for only your business which means that many of the fixes may be useless as they do not need fixing. This is why they will make add-ons available for purchase to fix the problems not included in the base product. These add-ons can be very costly to a smaller business. Also, when purchasing add-ons it can be difficult to choose which features you want to be enabled. It can be the case where it is either everything or nothing. For more on the problems of off-the-shelf software see:


You will be hard-pressed to find a perfect solution for your business however with bespoke software you have a better chance. This way, you can tailor the solution to your needs, within reason. With bespoke, it will most likely be an integrated system that is created. This means that the developer can turn off certain features if you no longer have use of them. As well as the last point, you will find bespoke software more adaptable to any change you may need to make.

If you are looking for the perfect solution I would suggest doing a hefty amount of research before making a decision. This will be a costly process no matter your decision. These are a few points to consider:


What problem do you need to solve?
Define requirements – How many users do you need? – Features.
Growth Potential
Bring in who the decision will affect – Team members – Ask their opinion

There are many other points to consider that you can research. Make sure to be thorough before making a decision.

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