The Importance of Prototyping With Bespoke Software Development

December 16 2020
Lottie Perrelle Lottie Perrelle

When a client comes to us wanting bespoke software development, prototyping is a very important part of this development process. What do we mean by prototyping though? This is the process in which incomplete versions of the software program are developed. It allows for agile feedback and means that the functionality of the software can be tested.

Whilst our discovery meetings allow us to gain an insight into the exact requirements of our clients, by developing a prototype our clients have the opportunity to give feedback. Allowing us to understand exactly what is expected from the product under development.

This incomplete version of the bespoke software requires input from all users and departments involved, which may be different from those members included within the initial discussions. It is all about understanding bottlenecks within existing systems and processes, allowing us to create the best solution for our clients. Here are some of the key advantages of prototyping with bespoke software development.

Reduced Cost

By developing a prototype, both the end-user and our software development team are able to identify any missing features or functions at an early stage. This helps to eliminate the cost and time associated with big development changes further on down the line during the software development phase. Any issues can be easily ironed out and the design of the bespoke software can also be checked to ensure it is user-friendly and fit for purpose.


Every client has different requirements and ideas when it comes to the bespoke software they need developing. Taking the time to develop a prototype allows them to clearly see how the different modules, features and functions will work and integrate with their processes. It helps to take away the ambiguity, ensuring that both the client and our software developers are on the same page and are visualising the same end product.

Several Versions

A prototype can be developed much quicker than the final bespoke software, which means we can create different versions of the prototype easily. Usually, the main focus of creating a prototype is to demonstrate the options available for the user interface. By developing several versions of the prototype we can clearly show these different variations to our clients.

Overall, software prototyping is a great way to ensure the software development process goes as smoothly as possible, and without hiccups. This stage allows us to ensure the end product is an exact match to the requirements of our clients. It is a core component of the agile software development methodology. If you would like to find out more about the bespoke software solutions that we can develop, why not give the team at Lyke a call today on 0800 254 5953.

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