How Files Can Corrupt By Clicking Save At The Wrong Time!

October 26 2021
Josh Beasley Josh Beasley

Is the hard disk an outdated storage technique?

If you’re serious about your business, going all-in with all of your data on one hard disk is not a good idea. Hard disks can fail for many reasons such as:

Human Error
Water Damage
Heat Damage
Power Issues
Or just plain Hardware Failure…

While they may not fail if you take care of your device, they eventually get sluggish over time and if you haven’t duplicated or moved the data, you will still lose everything. So be mindful if you notice your device getting slower (This could be a sign to get your device service and to move your data ASAP). Whereas, if you don’t take care of your device, the hard disk will burn out quickly therefore data may be irrecoverable depending if you can get the hard disk fixed.

On the other hand, the hard disk may be irreparable. This will no doubt put a dent in the business. Losing customer data, price points etc. will be tough to recover from in any short amount of time. This is why it is a bad idea to store all of your data in one place.

Many businesses have defaulted to using cloud-based systems to store their data. This means it is not only backed up but also accessible from anywhere with the right credentials. Cloud-based systems have an almost infinite amount of storage depending on what you need. A hard disk will have a finite amount of storage and the bounds of this will increase as your business grows larger.

Other benefits of using bespoke cloud-based systems are:

Eliminates cost of hardware and maintenance
Increased data security
Improved collaboration
Helps reduce your carbon footprint
Data is instantly synced
Disaster recovery

Keeping all your data on one computer (or hard disk) can seem like a safe option as unauthorised people can’t get access to it very easily. Keeping all your data on one computer (or hard disk) can seem like a safe option as unauthorised people can’t get access to it. However, this can be very unproductive.

After noticing the slow work is caused by taking turns on the system, you may want to share out the data so multiple people can work on it at the same time. This means different file versions. Which can get confusing and to stop the aforementioned you decide to save it onto the same file. However, if you were both to open the file and then save it, this could prove catastrophic. The file can’t save both instances at the same time. This would more than likely corrupt the file meaning all your data is lost.

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