Google Sheets Collaboration Upgrade

July 30 2021
Lottie Perrelle Lottie Perrelle

Collaboration has become incredibly important throughout the pandemic with many staff working from home. Whilst there have always been lots of tools and software available to help teams stay connected, it was clear that some lacked features that were necessary in order to bring teams together. Google have just recently announced a new commenting feature in its spreadsheet software that we are going to have a quick look into.

Conversation Threads

Google have been working on several collaborative features within Google Sheets, in order to allow multiple users to have conversations whilst working on the same project. Users are now able to review comments and conversation threads at a glance in the sidebar, which will make things a lot easier rather than having to scroll through a 15-page document to find the edits! You are also now able to apply filters to find the comments which are most relevant to you.

The new sidebar feature allows users to quickly reply, resolve or create new conversations with their colleagues. As this is all in one place it means users can quickly see everything at a glance, helping to save time (which is of course money!). If you have a large team using Google Sheets, the addition of filters within the sidebar means that users can easily see which comments have been assigned to them specifically.

Reviewing Comments

Whether your team are working from home or working from an office space, collaboration is more important than ever. Not only does it allow creativity to flow, but it also helps to ensure projects are kept on track. By easily being able to see what people have been working on, it prevents work from being duplicated or not being completed at all. Comments provide a simple way to discuss issues as they arise.

With this Google Sheets upgrade, users are able to click on the ‘Comment’ icon in the Appbar in order to view all of the comments present within the spreadsheet. From here, users can then open all comments in the sheet, or open any individual comments which are anchored to the cell. Commenting between threads is made simple with the reply button feature.

Is It Available To Everyone?

You will be pleased to know that these new features will be available for all Google Sheets users, including G Suite Basic and Business customers. Google Workspace customers will also have access – which is even better news as here at Lyke we are Google Workspace resellers! So if you would like to find out more about integrating all the Google programmes within your business, get in touch today to find out more.

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