4 Types Of Bespoke Software Solutions For Your Business

May 5 2021
Lottie Perrelle Lottie Perrelle

Bespoke software is at the heart of what we do here at Lyke, and as the name suggests the solutions we create are different for each business. That way we can develop a system that is tailored to the needs of your business, rather than a ‘one size fits all’ solution. We have already touched on off-the-shelf solutions and how they are better suited for managing monotonous business processes. In this blog we are going to run through the main types of bespoke software and how they could benefit your business.

1. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Systems

You will have heard of some common off-the-shelf CRM systems such as Monday.com, Salesforce, Zendesk & HubSpot to name just a few. They do have their uses, and are suited to many businesses. The main issue with these types of CRM systems is that they often have a variety of functions that most businesses won’t use at all. This can result in a slow system, and might even mean that some of the basic functions your business requires are missing from the CRM. Ever thought about how your CRM is essentially just an address book, and nothing more?!

With a custom CRM the possibilities are almost endless. It is built with the exact functionality that you need, meaning that less time will be spent teaching your team how to use it. The workflow will be designed entirely around your business, so everyone will already be used to the processes. Another huge benefit of a bespoke CRM system is that we can programme it to automate lots of different tasks within your business, helping to free up time for your sales or customer service team.

2. Booking Systems

Bespoke booking systems allow for incredible flexibility. Not only can we develop a user-friendly interface where your customers can easily make bookings, the admin dashboard can be tailored to your exact requirements. By integrating email correspondence into the booking system, you can easily keep track of alterations to bookings and easily manage schedules. Automated can also be included within the email side of things so customers receive automated booking and cancellation emails – one less job for your customer service team!

The great thing about bespoke booking systems is that they are scalable. So as your business grows, your booking system can have added features and functionality to support this. We all know just how important data is, which is why the performance dashboard and reports we can develop will include custom analytics that you rely on to grow your business.

3. eCommerce Software

Anyone can set up an online store these days, and the likes of Shopify and WooCommerce make this very easy for new start-up eCommerce businesses. However, what you will soon come to realise is that these off-the-shelf solutions probably won’t have all the functions that you would like (or if they do, you will have to pay extra for them). This means your team will waste lots of time trying to navigate around the software, trying to find a solution that may not even actually be there!

A bespoke eCommerce solution will not only give you the freedom to manage your products in a way that suits you, but many of the processes can be automated. We can even integrate your internal stock management system into your eCommerce website so that you can monitor and manage your stock levels all in one place. Again, a bespoke eCommerce software solution can grow flexibly with your business – a feature that many off-the-shelf solutions don’t offer.

4. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software

ERP software is a type of software that is created to manage day-to-day business activities such as accounting, project management and procurement. Most businesses tend to opt for off-the-shelf ERP software as they are easy to implement, but like with CRM systems they often contain lots of unnecessary features.

Bespoke ERP software gives you the opportunity to have a solution designed that matches the actual needs of your business. For example, do you need your sales system to integrate with your accounting system? By opting for a bespoke solution you can have the exact features that you want, which will help your business run more efficiently. If you are interested in any of the bespoke solutions that we have mentioned in this blog post, contact the team at Lyke today for more information on how we can help create the solution you require.

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