Advantages Of Database Development In Business

December 9 2020
Lottie Perrelle Lottie Perrelle

A database is a technology that both organises and stores information about various data within a business, in a structured way. As businesses grow, systems need to be adaptive in order to help facilitate this growth. It is essential that database applications and solutions are still able to store, retrieve and organise data in a secure way.

Whilst many businesses choose to store customer information manually on a spreadsheet, this can become troublesome if there are several members of staff working on it. There is also a much higher margin for human error when manually inputting data. Let’s have a look at some of the main advantages of database development in business.

Master records

Having a database that stores all of your information means that the data is available 24/7, 365. If you opt for a cloud solution this also gives you the added benefit of being able to access the data from any location too, not just when you are in the office. By having a bespoke database you will be able to group together data about all of the various aspects of the business in one place. From customer orders, to purchase information and stock levels. You will be able to access everything you need from one central point.

One of the major advantages of a bespoke database is the ability to feed into multiple software applications. For example, do you need your accounting software to feed data into the purchasing section of your database? With a bespoke solution, this can be easily integrated.


Spreadsheets are one of the most unsecure ways of storing data. Whilst there is the option to restrict access by setting a password, imagine if your customer data accidentally got into the wrong hands. Having a database application allows you to have control at a granular level when it comes to access. You can choose certain staff within your organisation to have different levels of access so they only view the content which they require for their role. The finance department would probably feel out of their depth if they had access to the entire stock system, for example

A bespoke database solution allows you to divide the information at the lowest granular level, and then control who can edit, view or delete these parts. Storing business data within an electronic format allows it to be encrypted too. This is extremely important in order to comply with GDPR, particularly if personal, confidential information is stored within your database.


Having a centralised database application allows the data to be linked with all aspects of the business. It can help to streamline internal processes as all departments will be able to see the same data. For example, by linking sales data with marketing channels, management will be clearly able to see whether investing in marketing is driving a high enough return on investment. By having an internal database, managers will also be able to trends over periods of time, and view the data in further detail.

Viewing trends will help to identify which marketing channels are working, as well as whether particular departments or employees are performing as expected. If data is stored in manual systems, this type of analysis is simply not possible as there is no way of matching up correlating data.

Less room for errors

One of the main reasons clients move away from paper-based solutions to bespoke databases is that straight away, the level of human interaction is removed. By taking manual data processing out of the equation, there is less chance of human errors being made. This in turn helps to save the business time and money caused by errors which may not be picked up until further on down the line.

Bespoke database

We have mentioned the term ‘bespoke database’ several times throughout this blog, but what do we actually mean by this? A bespoke database is one that is designed specifically for the individual requirements of a business. Rather than relying on a file-based storage system, bespoke software can make use of the flexibility provided by a bespoke database. This means less manual intervention is required as both the software and the database work in harmony, pulling the data together in one place.

Lyke are focused on creating bespoke solutions for businesses in order to help facilitate their growth. Often a single piece of software just doesn’t provide all of the functionality required. This can lead to businesses spending lots of money on several different systems to achieve their goals. One of the main advantages of database development is that the system brings all of the functionality together in one secure place. If this sounds like something your business needs, give us a call today on 0800 254 5953.

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